About Us


CARMA is the Canadian Rock Mechanics Association, which represents the combined membership  of the Canadian Institute of Mining’s Rock Engineering Society and the Canadian Geotechnical Society’s Rock Mechanics Division. CARMA also acts as Canada’s National Group for the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM).

CARMA strives to develop, maintain and promote communications and cooperation between practitioners of rock mechanics and rock engineering. It provides its members with opportunities to present the results of professional activities by organizing events and activities to facilitate knowledge, experience and information transfer and exchange. It also provides its members with opportunities to upgrade and update their professional knowledge and skills

The general objectives of CARMA are to:

• Provide individual memberships in the ISRM;
• Provide a medium for communication and cooperation among those interested in rock mechanics;
• Disseminate knowledge and information through meetings, publications, discussions and other means of communication;
• Co-ordinate and co-sponsor national and international rock mechanics conferences;
• Encourage interest and the advancement of education in rock mechanics and rock engineering;
• Engage in other activities meant to promote the development of knowledge concerning rock mechanics.

The 2021 CARMA Executive consists of:

Chair: Doug Milne, University of Saskatchewan
Past-chair: Sam Proskin, Thurber Engineering
Webmaster & Incoming Chair: Jennifer Day, Queen’s University
Treasurer: Eliane Cabot, Wood Group
Member: Mike Yao, Vale
Member: Luc Beauchamp (ex-officio)