Titles – 6th Symposium


6th Canadian Rock Mechanics Symposium (Montreal), 1970

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Deformation Behaviour of Revett Quartzite under Uniaxial and Triaxial Loading
Samuel S.M. Chan

Failure of Geologic Materials Under Low-cycle Fatigue
H. Reginald Hardy, Jr. and Y.P. Chugh

Study of Strains in Rock Associated with Brittle Failure
B. Ladanyi and Nguyen Don

In-situ Measurement of Rock Stresses for the Idikki Hydro-Electric Project
Pierre Le Francois

In-situ Stress Determinations and Tectonic Fabric at Elliot Lake, Ontario
H.U. Bielenstein and G.H. Eisbacher

An Evaluation of Several Types of Rock Extensometers
Thom L. Neff

Effect of Backfill on a Stope Wall
G. Zahary

A Three-dimensional Study of Pillar Stresses in Mines with Irregular Mining Boundaries
B.B. Dhar and D.F. Coates

The Effects of Variations in Fabric Patterns on Slope Stability
J.E.G. Schwellness

Rock Breaking with High-frequency Electrical Energy
S. Ram, H.R. Rice and R.S. Segsworth

Relation of Grinding Selection Functions to Physicomechanical Properties of Rocks
M.D. Everell, D.E. Gill, and L.L. Sirois

Rock Mechanics as Applied to Rock Tunneling
Ewalt Van Walsum

L’utilisation d’épaulements rocheux comme voie de roulement pour les ponts roulants dans des centrales souterraines
Paul Le Compte

Hasdeo Barrage: Foundation Rocks and Grouting Strategy
D.R. Sikka

Rock Blasting and Monitoring in Built-up Areas
D.S. Saxena and Jack K. Tuttle