Titles – 7th Symposium


7th Canadian Rock Mechanics Symposium – Edmonton, March, 1971

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In Situ Stresses
H.U. Bielenstein and K. Barron

Role of Effective Stresses in Earth Behaviour
Norbert R. Morgenstern

Structural Mapping and the Prediction of Engineering Properties in Rock Masses
J.S. Scott

Creep Measured in Deep Potash Mines vs. Theoretical Predictions
C.A. Baar

A Study of the Causes of Roof Instability in the Pittsburgh Coal Seam
Roger C. Parsons and H.D. Dahl

The Serata Stress Control Method of Stabilizing Underground Openings
Shosei Serata

The Modification of Operating Dimensions within an Existing Gypsum – Anhydrite Mine
I. Weir-Jones

A Case Study of In Situ Rock Deformation Behaviour in the Silver Summit Mine, Coeur D’Alene Mining District
Samuel S.M. Chan and Thomas J. Crocker

Some Aspects of Bearing Capacity of Rock Mass
B. Landanyi and A. Roy

Influence of Topography on the Pre-Mining State of Stress
W.G. Pariseau

Mine Design – A Systems Approach
K. Wardell v