Titles – Slope Stability 2011


International Symposium on Rock Slope Stability in Open Pit Mining and Civil Engineering
18-21 September 2011 Vancouver, Canada


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Theme 1: Remote Sensing & Characterization of Large Rock Slopes


Photogrammetric Discontinuity Mapping as Applied to Structural Interpretation and Drillhole Planning at Barrick’s Williams Pit
J.I. Mathis

Applications of Advanced Laser Scanning Technology in Geology
A. Fowler, J.I. France, M. Truong

Assessment of Surface Roughness of Exposed Discontinuities
G.V. Poropat

Photogrammetric Mapping and Survey Assessment of Complex Structural Geology in the Design Analysis of Pit Walls: Superpit, Kalgoorlie
S. Hewson, G. Bungard

Geotechnical Characteristics of the African Copperbelt Saprolites and their Influence on Pit Slopes
C.P. Fietze, P.K.D. Hornsby, C.A. Jermy, V. Kuppusamy

Theme 2: Geo-Risk, Uncertainty & Data Management

Integrated Geotechnical Feasibility Analysis for an Open Pit Mine in the Canadian Arctic
M. Grenon, J. Hadjigeorgiou, J. Kabuya Mukendi, D. Leblanc, P. Matte

Geotechnical Risk Management and Mitigation at Grasberg Open Pit, PT Freeport Indonesia
A. Ginting, M. Stawski, R. Widiadi

Risk Based Geotechnical Slope Reconciliation at Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Pilbara Operations
R.A. Dixon, T.M. Johnson, P.J.H. de Graaf, S.D.N. Wessels, J. Venter

The Value of Comprehensive Geotechnical Information: A Comparison of Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Study Design Outcomes at the Weld Range Iron Ore Project
I.A. de Bruyn , D.J.H. Walker

Uncertainty Propagation in Structural Modeling
M.K. Elmouttie, G.V. Poropat

Comparison of Borehole Discontinuity Data Collection Methods — Uncertainty and Quality Concerns
V. Kuppusamy, C.A. Jermy, C.P. Fietze, P. Hornsby

Error Quantification in Oriented-Core Data and its Influence on Rock Slope Design
S. Cylwik , T.M. Ryan, P.F. Cicchini

Measuring Discontinuity Orientation in High Temperature Boreholes
J. Szymakowski

Application of GeoHazmap to the Pit Slope Design for the Detour Lake Project
L. Castro, B. Cottrell, P. Barker, K. Sintim

A GIS Tool for Objective Suitability Evaluation of the Differential Radar Interferometry Method for Deformation Monitoring of Landslides
S. Plank, J. Singer, C. Minet, K. Thuro

Theme 3: Slope Design & Acceptance Criteria

Keynote Paper: Slope Design in Large Open Pit Mines
M.E. Robotham

High Rock Slope Cutback Geotechnics: A Case Study at Ok Tedi Mine
N.R.P. Baczynski, I.A. de Bruyn, J. Mylvaganam, D.J.H. Walker

Investigation, Design and Development of the Valley Pit Big Bear Pushback at the Teck Highland Valley Copper Mine
S. Fortin, N.D. Rose, A.T. Holmes

Geotechnical Design of the Jwaneng Mine Cut 8
A.B. Tunono, M. Ruest, L. Dimbungu, M. Brook

Batu Hijau Open Pit Slope Design Based on Geotechnical Models and Past Performance
J.R. Almenara, T.S. Poespito, H.D. Lelono

Slope Design for Maricunga Mine in Chile
E. Hormazabal, C. Almarza, E. Pizarro

Small Scale Open Pit Design with Limited Geotechnical Knowledge and Resources
L. van den Elzen, A.G. Thompson

Theme 4: Rock Slope Failure Mechanisms

Extensional Deformation Triggers for Potential Composite Failure of Bedded Rock Slopes
J.V. Simmons

Progressive Failure Mechanisms in a Slope Prone to Toppling
C.D. Martin, A.K. Alzo’ubi, D. Cruden

Failure Mechanisms and Rock Mass Damage of High Rock Slopes in Open Pit Mine
E. Zea, T.B. Celestino

Back Analysis of Landslides Triggered by Earthquakes — Some Implications for Future Practice
W. Murphy, R.N. Parker, G. Hancox

The Role of Bedding Planes in Guadalquivir Blue Marls on the Slope Stability in Cobre Las Cruces Open Pit
S. Cooper, C. Perez, L. Vega, J.M. Galera, V. Pozo

Determination of Shear Strength Parameters for Foliated Rock Masses
S. Narendranathan

The Influence of Horizontal Stress on the Failure Mechanism and Slope Stability in Chador-Malu Iron Open Pit Mine
R. Noorani, K. Ahangari, S. Aloodari

Analysis of Natural Rock Slope Deformations under Temperature Variation: A Case Study from Japan
A. Mufundirwa, Y. Fujii, N. Kodama, J. Kodama

Sandbox Simulation of Slope Failure Mechanisms with 3D Digitizer
D. Carrea, A. Abellan, J. Bechet, M.-H. Derron, J. Duc, M. Jaboyedoff, A. Pedrazzini

Theme 5: Rock Fall Analysis & Control

Accurate LIDAR Change Detection for Slope Stability and Rockfall Monitoring
J. Kemeny, J. Handy, D. Kraemer, B. Norton

Risk Management of Rockfall/Rockslide Hazard Based on Remote Sensing Techniques: The Example of Arvel Quarry (Switzerland)
A. Pedrazzini, M. Jaboyedoff, T. Oppikofer, R. Chantry, E. Stampfli

Three—Dimensional Rock Fall Simulation in the Mining Environment Using Hy_Stone
J. Pilz, F. Agliardi, G.B. Crosta, Z.M. Zavodni

In Situ Experiments of Rockfall in an Open Pit Coal Mine
A. Giacomini , K. Thoeni, E. Kniest, C. Lambert

Combining Geology, Morphology and 3D Modelling to Understand the Rock Fall Distribution Along the Railways in the Fraser River Valley, Between Hope and Boston Bar, B.C.
R. Macciotta , D.M. Cruden, C.D. Martin, N.R. Morgenstern

Back-Calculation of Medium-Scale Rockfalls Using an Empirical GIS Model
C. Fey, C. Zangerl, V. Wichmann, C. Prager

Rockfall Hazard Analyses and Rockfall Protection along the Adriatic Coast of Croatia
Ž. Arbanas, M. Grošic, D. Udovic, S. Mihalic

Theme 6: Monitoring & Managing Slope Movements

Keynote Paper: Investigating the Effects of Mining-Induced Strain in Open Pit Slopes
N.D. Rose

Use of Ground-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar to Investigate Complex 3-D Pit Slope Kinematics
J. Severin, E. Eberhardt, L. Leoni, S. Fortin

A Correlation of Slope Velocity and Factor of Safety at Mt Owen Mine
W. Bartlett

Ramp Failure — A Case Study of Monitoring and Management for Controlled Instability
S. Walker

Slope Monitoring and Back Analysis of the East Fault Failure, Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah
J.B. Doyle, J.D. Reese

Cedar Pit Highwall and Fault Monitoring with Photogrammetry at Elkview Mine
E. Shamekhi, D.D. Tannant

Slope Stability Radar Monitoring of a Drape Meshed Pit Slope at Mogalakwena Platinum Mine, Limpopo Province, South Africa
D. van Rensburg

Integrated Numerical Modelling and Insar Monitoring of a Slow Moving Slope Instability at Bingham Canyon Mine
T.D. Styles, D. Stead, E. Eberhardt, B. Rabus, M. Gaida, J. Bloom

Slope Deformation Monitoring of Rock Excavations, Interstate 90, Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
N.I. Norrish , P.E. Mikkelsen, S.M. Lowell, T.C. Badger

Monitoring Underground Landslide Displacement: A New MUMS Based Device
A. Segalini , C. Carini, L. Cristalli

Towards a Low Cost 3D Early Warning System for Unstable Alpine Slopes — The Aggenalm Landslide Monitoring System
K. Thuro , J. Singer, J. Festl

The Aggenalm Landslide — First Findings of the Acquired Monitoring Data
J. Festl , J. Singer , K. Thuro

Advanced InSAR Techniques for Mining Applications
G. Falorni, J. Morgan, A. Bohane, F. Novali

IBIS-M, an Innovative Radar for Monitoring Slopes in Open-Pit Mines
P. Farina, L. Leoni, F. Babboni, F. Coppi, L. Mayer, P. Ricci

A New and Easy-to-Use Slope Radar Tool for Mine Production Crews
D. Noon, P. Bellett, L. Campbell

Effective Use of the Slope Stability Radar for Mine Slope Monitoring — Reference to the Movement and Surveying Radar (MSR)
S.K. Osasan

Theme 7: Slope Performance & Optimization

De Beers Venetia Mine Cut 4 Slope Optimization
J.N. Ekkerd, M.R. Ruest, N.E. Rankhododo

Optimisation of the Eastern Pit Wall of the Superpit: An Example of a Staged Capital-Delivered Geotechnical Design to Increase Project Value
S. Hewson, R. Butcher, M. Dunn

Managing Pit Slope Stability at the Kemess South Mine – Changes over Time
D.Y. Yang , R.A. Mercer, K.J. Brouwer, C. Tomlinson

The Wallaby Mine: Maintaining Pit Wall Stability for Continued Underground Mining
E. Jones, P. Andrews, S. Holley

Assessment, Monitoring and Ground Control Management of Rock Slope Stability at the Red Dog Open Pit Mine
S. D’Ambra

Large-Scale Slope Instability at the Gold Quarry Mine, Nevada
D.Y. Yang, K.J. Brouwer, R.J. Sheets, R.M. St. Louis, S.J. Douglas

Highwall Slope Stabilisation by the Softwall Method
I.J. Kelso

Open Pit Mining through a River Sand in a Subarctic Climate using a Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall
M. Rougier, P. Merry, L. Castro

Slope Optimization for the Hypogene Project at Carmen de Andacollo Pit, Chile
E. Hormazabal, M. Tapia, R. Fuenzalida, G. Zuniga

Geotechnical Implications of Tropical Weathering Profiles in Iron Ore
A.G. Jack

Theme 8: Numerical Analysis & Design Methods

Stability Analysis of a Large Fractured Rock Slope Using a DFN-Based Mass Strength Approach
T.D. Styles, J.S. Coggan, R.J. Pine

Numerical Simulations of Potential Rock Bridge Failure within a Naturally Fractured Rock Mass
D. Elmo, C. Clayton, S. Rogers, R. Beddoes, S. Greer

Distinct Element Analyses for Calibration of Rock Slope Properties
J. Mylvaganam, N.R.P. Baczynski, I.A. de Bruyn, J.R. Price

An Introduction to the Christensen Criterion — An Answer to True, Representative Modelling of Intact Rock Yielding/Failure?
R.E. Hammah , J.L. Carvalho

Three-Dimensional Limit Equilibrium Slope Stability Benchmarking
M.D. Fredlund, H. Lu, D.G. Fredlund

A New Approach to Assess Open Pit Slope Stability
G.D. Dempers, C.R.W. Seymour, P.A. Jenkins

Stochastic Mechanical Stability Analysis of a High Slope for a Hydropower Station
Y.H. Guo , W.S. Zhu, D.J. Yu, W.M. Yang, X.P. Li

Use of Three-Dimensional Distinct Element Numerical Modelling to Determine Ultimate Pit Slope Stability in Areas of Highly Dense Relict Underground Openings: Super Pit, Kalgoorlie
D. Wines, S. Hewson

Slope Stability Study of the Main Pit Footwall, Koolan Island, Mt Gibson Iron
J.J. Jiang, P.M. Dight, K. Pano

Comparison between Russian Code of Practice and International Style Slope Stability Analysis
X.P. Gwynn, S. Ogorodnikov, M. Brown, A. McCracken, A. Mochalov, Y. Norvatov, M. Ilyinov, K. Morozov

Limit Analysis of Seismic Slope Stability Based on Tension-Shear Failure Mechanism
Y. Zhang, G. Chen, K. Zen, K. Kasama, S. Dong

Load Increasing Method for Analysis of Slope Earthquake Stability
J. Sun , T. Zhao, C. Li, Y. Liu

Theme 9: Groundwater Investigation, Modelling & Depressurization

A Review of Key Factors Affecting Mine Dewatering and Slope Depressurization
J. Dowling, J. Reidel, G. Beale

Integrated Geotechnical-Hydrogeological Field Programs in Open-Pit Mining — A Win-Win Situation?
J. Bellin, P. Mohr, A. Rex

Guidelines for Groundwater Modelling in Large Open Pit Mine Design
J. Hazzard , B. Damjanac, L. Lorig, C. Detournay

Fully Coupled 3D Deformation and Hydrogeology Simulation of an Open Pit Slope in Arctic Conditions
D.A. Beck, J. Mathis, J. Heimbach, F. Reusch

A Phased Modelling Approach to Identify Passive Drainage Requirements for Ensuring Stability of the Proposed West Wall Cutback at Ok Tedi Mine, Papua New Guinea
I.A. de Bruyn, J. Mylvaganam, N.R.P. Baczynski

The Role of Depressurization in Stabilizing a Large Pit Slope in Northern Peru
V. Perez, H. Robles, F. Soto, G. Beale, M. McGlone

Applicability of the ‘Observational Method’ to Manage Slope Depressurisation in a Large Open-Cut Mine, South East Prongs Pit, Tom Price, Western Australia
C.E.S. New, P.J.H. de Graaf, D. Lucas

Theme 10: Blasting, Protection & Stabilization

Application of Blasting Fundamentals to Argue a Case for Limit Blasting
E.C.F. Hamman

Open Pit Bench Failure Volume Analysis and Berm Design — Is it Realistic?
C.A. Jermy , V. Kuppusamy, C.P. Fietze, P.K.D. Hornsby

Design, Implementation and Monitoring of Novel Rehabilitation Measures in an Open Pit Gold Mine
P.R O’Bryan, E.A. Deligeorges, A.G. Thompson, P. Hucker

Mining Open Pit through the Sishen Cave
M. Bester, G.M. McGavigan

Remedial Measures for the Restoration of an Extensive Rock Slope Failure at the Right Abutment of the Thisavros Dam, Nestos River, Greece
C. Loupasakis, D. Rozos, A. Georgakopoulos

Possibilities and Limitations of 2D and 3D Rockfall Modeling — Finding an Optimal Way for the Integration of Protection Systems
B. Sellmeier, K. Thuro

The Assessment of the Cover Requirement for a Buried Penstock Affected by a Rockfall Hazard
J.E. Haley, P.B. Kimball

Slope Instability in Jointed Rock and Design of Ground Support
A.G. Thompson

Optimal Dip Angle for Cablebolting in Open Pits
P.J. Valenzuela